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About the PJC Special Funds Account

The PJC Special Funds account was created to raise and transfer funds for urgent needs and special projects of the Mission houses of our Religious Institute, "Poor of Jesus Christ", such as helping our Missions become more self-sufficient by helping to purchase the items and equipment needed to make bread, liturgical vestments, planting of fruit trees and produce, and other things to sell. Funds are also used for helping new missions get started, purchase of materials for our Street Ministries to the homeless, building and/or remodeling Mission Houses and Houses of Recuperation for drug/alcohol addicts, and other special needs. Each Mission House has a bank account for their particular house, however, the PJC Special Funds account is the only account that has as its purpose to send needed funds to any of our missions throughout the world. Requests for funds are evaluated by our Founder, Padre Gilson Sobreiro. He then determines what the most urgent needs are, and authorizes funds to be dispersed from the Special Funds Account.

To learn more about our Religious Institute, Poor of Jesus Christ, please visit the following sites:

Friars: www.poorofjesuschrist.com/

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